Using real-time mixdown instead of Bounce

All DAW programs have a ‘bounce’ feature available to create a stereo or multi-channel mix of your current multi-track project. In Digital Performer, this ‘bounce’ process occurs offline, and usually happens faster than real time. What this means is that if you have a 2 minute sequence, and you bounce to disk, it takes less [...]

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Making DP stop at the end of your sequence

Playback not stopping

I was working on a cue recently and practicing a piano part when the phone rang. I forgot to stop playback before walking out of the room, and when I returned, the Playback Wiper was still chugging right along at measure #3575! Hmmm. I had the end-time of my sequence set at measure 74 in [...]

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Control DP Transport from a midi keyboard


DP 7 user manual reference: page 148 There are many ways to control the transport buttons [stop, play,pause, rec...] in DP. To speed up workflow, some users like to control DP from their midi keyboard–so their hands don’t need to lift off the keyboard to grab the mouse or QWERTY keyboard. The easiest way to [...]

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